Writing for the money : at whose expense?

Since I started writing for money on a few of my blogs, I find that it is quite fun. There are so many ads programmes that offers these method of making money online. However, there are a few things that that I like to remind myself:
1) Don’t turn the blog into a ‘spammy’ blog, merely writing for the sake of money, losing its owner’s identity. Some bloggers have been banned when the ads programme found out about this.
2) Don’t litter the blog portals/directories with these posts. If we have a close-knit, smallish community, by all means, take the blog off from ping-ing.

3) The opportunities to grab paid post is endless. One can write for hours and there are still money to be earned. But one should set a limit, i.e. how much time to spend at the PC and how much to concentrate on other things in life.

4) Don’t take the money from the advertisers and then, threw in some badly done job. I was told that there are bloggers who merely rambled, “Oh, this is just another paid post I am doing for XYZ ads programme and I am asked to write about this new product.” Bloggers ought to have high regards for the products/services or just stay away from writing about it. No one points a gun at you to write, you know?

There are many but these four are the most important to me at the moment. I recently join Blogitive after being recommended by ColleenC. This is another way to make money but Blogitive has restrictions of ‘two non-paying blog posts’ in between each paid post. There is a list of assignments available and one just need to pick up a topic and write about it. I haven’t take it for a complete run yet so, watch out for my reviews in future.

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2 thoughts on “Writing for the money : at whose expense?


    (November 16, 2006 - 4:57 am)

    For Blogitive which I joined three weeks ago, I still haven’t got any assignment at all. I understand that they will email us the assignments. I didn’t get any email.

    I check my page and there’s no Offers either.

    I go to their jobs page and the jobs that are available are asking bloggers to contribute to their blog, instead of publishing in our own blog.

    Hopefully you’ll share your experience with us.


    (November 16, 2006 - 4:57 am)

    Yes, she also dropped me a comment to sign up. Am considering….. You try first hor? Hehe.

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