Movable Type, anyone?

The other day before I encountered the CPU overloaded problems, I was about to instal a Movable Type blogging platform just for fun. In case you are not aware, Movable Type was around before WordPress or maybe around that same year. Initially, I blogged from Blogger at Blogspot.

Then, after six months, I moved to my own domain and was using Movable Type. I wasn’t that techie at that time and only know how to delete spams. LOL, spam was a nightmare when I was using Movable Type because there wasn’t a plugin that works. Finally, I imported my MT to WordPress, one by one.

Now, when I looked back, I must say that I have very good sifu to coach me but left me to learn the ropes on my own. It was thrilling importing MT to WP on my own and I did that successfully for my Food Haven food blog.

Since I learnt that MT is now trying to capture the blogging platform again, I am indeed curious to see if it still works for me. I may want to instal one MT for a new domain. (I have at least five domains still not developed :P )

So, any MT users out there? How’s the MT now, compared to the previous one?

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    (June 21, 2007 - 7:12 pm)

    No way. Pure WordPress power here ;).

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