WP 2.1 static page option

One of the feature that I welcome in WP 2.1 is the ability to set a front page. It is mentioned here:

You can set any “page” to be the front page of your site, and put the latest posts somewhere else, making it much easier to use WordPress as a content management system.

I am so happy to hear this because, previously, I had tried but was not successful in using WordPress to replace my Dreamweaver static site. I have MyMomsBest Parenting and Breastfeeding website for four years now. At that time, I started with static site. It has expanded to over 100 pages on static pages but can go as many as 300-400 pages on WordPress. (I shorten each page to make reading easier). I ended up with a very messy site and am still working hard to make the site resemble a ‘normal’ website instead of a blog format.


You have the option to choose which page you want as your front page. Screenshot above is from my faith blog. Just one click selection.


And your site landing page will be the page you choose. I don’t need to copy and paste my html over the the main index.php anymore. That’s what I am doing to get fixed info on my WP website now. I hope in future WordPress will continue working on improving the WP platform to make it like CMS. I had been a total failure with Mambo and Joomla. Just cannot get the terms into my brain so I cannot begin using them.

I already have some wicked thoughts on how to ‘abuse’ this static front page right now. Can you think of something to make full use of them?

Post Author: lilian