Wow! PayPerPost acquires Performancing!

*This post was written BEFORE I found out it can be a sponsored post. So, yeah, this is now a sponsored post because I am paid to blog. about this good news.*

This is hot news! I just learnt from PayPerPost’s blog that they are acquiring Performancing for their Performancing Metrics and Performancing Exchange. To be very frank, I didn’t know about these two until PayPerPost pointed out to me. This is probably due to Performancing lack of updates via email and also the very confusing dashboard that we ended up in.

However, I have just installed Performancing Metrics and I like it because now I got real time stats. As for Performancing Exchange, I discovered that we can find ways to make money through it.

If you recall, Performancing came into the scene with a big bang but eventually, many bloggers lamented about not getting any advertisements on their site. Personally, I am doing very well with Text Link Ads, Google Adsense and was hoping Performancing will be an additional income. But I was sorely disappointed because the big bang turned into a fizzle.

Now that [tag]PayPerPost[/tag] has acquired [tag]Performancing[/tag], I am very confident that it will take off. This is after I observed how Ted, CEO of PPP handles the company. He is a marketing genius I would say. The way he marketed PPP to the publishers and advertisers is nothing like the usual, conservative stiff business styles but the very MTV-ish, fun style. The kind that gets competitors’ tongues wagging, publishers who made money gushings and this is good publicity is good for advertisers. It is the kind of marketing that attracts the current generation.

Now, I shall just sit back and see Performancing takes off. I hope Performancing will get advertisers to place ads on my sidebars. Would love to see those empty spaces I reserved be filled with related industries advertisements.

BTW, I was one of the top monthly earners on PPP and I must say that PPP is one of the best for me. Do sign up with PayPerPost now. I have the affililiate link on the sidebar. ;) And while you are at it, jump on Performancing wagon now. If your submission is not approved, don’t worry. Keep blogging and keep trying.

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2 thoughts on “Wow! PayPerPost acquires Performancing!


    (December 28, 2006 - 1:10 pm)

    Hmm…they are not acquiring their ad partners service.


    (December 28, 2006 - 2:12 pm)

    emporia – LOL, I don’t have any idea how Performancing works. To me, it is almost like TLA, only with a bigger banner. Anyway, I am sure Ted will bring Performancing to performance. BTW, when I wrote this, I didn’t realise PPP is making it into an opp. Lucky I snagged it before it is gone.

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