My good friend and blog buddy blog was hacked and one of his post deleted. Well, I guess the hacker must have spared him because only one post was removed.

Meanwhile, I was not worried because I had updated my blogs to WordPress 2.1.2. However, I forgot that I have two hostings and while one is secured with WordPress 2.1.2, I have another package which has a phpBB forum which I never bother to update. And jeng, jeng, jeng…the forum has been re-directed to the hacker’s site. Bah!

Well, last I checked, if the forum is using, it will be redirected to the hacker’s site. But if I use, then, it is still there. I am not familiar with upgrading phpBB forum due to the hundreds of files. So, I will just sit back and wait for my webhost to solve the problem for me.

Meantime, I think I am going to stay up a wee bit because I need to upgrade two more WordPress to 2.1.2. But I have back-up all my blogs and hope nothing happens.

Moral of the story? Get your WordPress blogs updated to the safe version of WP 2.1.2 now. And back-up your site often. Plus get a strong password and change it often.

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