I found a forum with very weird characters (not Russian language as Babel Fish can’t translate) and they listed one of my women blog along with some p0rn sites. I really don’t know what they hell are they putting my blog there for. But that blog is as good as dead so I shall let them molest it all they want.

ne ararsanız vardır mutlaka

Translate the above for me, please?

I also found another forum thread which some wet behind the ears kid who wanna dabble in blackhat SEO quoted this blog.

I am not going to give them the link but I guess many of you whom participated in the Do-follow linky love will get the trackback.

My message to the little boy : Hey, why don’t you just tell your pals there that you stole the Do-follow list from the internet? Don’t try to fool them that you dig it out by Googling. It doesn’t make you Einstein.

And little boy, my blog is not a Do-follow. So try to comment all you want. I love to delete comments. Go on, waste your time which you could be better off spent wanking than leaving comments. And waste your money to buy one of those auto-comment softwares and try to go through my Askimet. You could have used the money to buy some p0rn and get better thrills, ya know?

*smiles* The blackhatters are giving me lots of linky love. I luv ya all too!

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