wOOt! Review Me is launched!

I have submitted six of my blogs to[tag] Review Me[/tag] which is launched today. Signing up seems breezy and it has been fun writing brief description to sell my blogs. They automatically rate and price your blog which is cool! I have one blog rejected but the rest got in without problems. They only allow each person to have six blogs registered but on  any one blog, they can have unlimited reviews.

The payout for my blogs range from USD100-USD40, depending on Alexa, Technorati, number of feeds and page ranking. If I get to review something, I get 50% payout, not bad at all.


Pardon the over the top self-description. But trust me, it is a whole big competitive world out there so don’t hold back on the positive descriptions to attract advertisers. Remember that a review post means an excellent use of words and hence, we need to promote that part of ourselves.

Go on, sign up now. Too bad I don’t see any affiliate links. LOL. I notice the Web & Techology blogs are very crowded. Lucky of me to have the least populated categories. Less people, more share, eh?

Let’s see how Review Me takes off. I hope it sells like [tag]TextLinkAds[/tag]. [tag]Performancing [/tag]is still way too slow for me. It is fun, isn’t it? That we have so many options now instead of the traditional G?

Post Author: lilian