wOOt! Nuffnang minimized ad, iLike!

I just installed the new nuffnang minimized ad and iLike!


The above is the screenshot from my personal blog. My 5xmom blog has a blogger’s band of over 20+ and hence, it is wiser for me to opt for the banner ad or none. LOL, maybe I won’t ever get an ad too but never mind, let’s experiment a bit first to find out what works better.


I am pleasantly surprised to see that the huge blue banner which I was making fun of (in a nice way) is no longer there. Instead there is just a tiny weenie nuffnang logo. Read nuffnang blog on how to select this option or just log in to your nuffnang account and copy the new codes.

Clean, neat and unobtrusive. Syabas,[tag]nuffnang[/tag]!

ADDED : Apparently, the choice I made applies throughout all my blogs with different bloggers’ bands. This means, my earlier suggestion of trying both CPC and banner ads do not apply. Anyway, I have asked nuffnang and shall wait for their clarification.

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2 thoughts on “wOOt! Nuffnang minimized ad, iLike!


    (July 15, 2007 - 11:11 am)

    Whenever possible, I think they should allow publishers to have an option for individual blogs instead of one option for all blogs. However, they have made good progres so far.


    (July 16, 2007 - 10:12 am)

    I echo what 10th of March said. Nuffnang should go one step further and allow option for individual blogs rather than en bloc.

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