Those of you who follows my personal blog may have heard of it – 5xmom is for sale. I actually put the button leading to SitePoint on my page.

The price I am willing to let go is between USD10K to USD12K. To me, that’s the value of this blog. It is a small sum except to those who have never touch USD1K in their blog income. It is either you take it, or leave it because this is my ‘baby’ as one of the bidder who agreed with me. He offered me a sum that is five figure in our currency but I am not ready to let go, of which he said he understands how hard it is to let go of our ‘baby’.

The selling point now is I have no PR and hence, I put up a price. If let’s say one day, one fine day in the future when my PR was reinstate, I could command a much higher price.

I know smart marketeers will see this as a good investment. What if they buy this up and hire me to continue blogging? It is a crazy idea but I know out there, many people are jumping into getting good blogs, put up their affiliate marketing badges which earn a very good sum of money and yet, they have no time nor the skills to capture their audiences. How this blog stands out amongst bigger giants are the interesting way I put my thoughts across. Over these few months, I have read so many blogs about blogging and blogs about making money and yet, the character of the blog does not stand out. One blogger rehash another blogger’s post and it become one run-off-the-mill grind and you hardly remember whose blog was it you read the thing from. The other point is I captured the masses, i.e. the majority who are into blogging.

So, to me, USD12K is peanuts. However, I notice that many people are bound by their limitations. They keep talking about how much I had made on this blog. It is not how much in the past but rather how clever is the next person to exploit a blog with contents, with a blogger for hire. :)

Why do I put it up for auction? As a learning experience and heck, it is only 20 bucks (to register), dude! I won’t lose a thing! Moreover, it is such a waste that if I continue, there are so many segmentation on Asians. I might as well pass it to a deserving out-of-Asia, smart marketeer and make full use of it. There are so many ads network they can exploits. It is not what this blog can make now, it is how it can be improved by someone with better marketing skills than me. Do you know how big is the market for work-at-home moms and other parenting related things? The word mom may sucks in the make money field but who says the new blog owner will follow the same niche? What if they expand it to cover more niches? Get the picture now?

And yes, last I check I WAS on #1 page of Google. I am not sure how many Google searches there are and so, these folks keep on droning on and on and on that it isn’t. So, am I or am I not? Anyway, see this

As for my very negative fellow Malaysians, yorrr…USD12K is kacang putih. I can easily earn that in a couple of months. So, whether I sell or not, that’s not the main point. The thing is we must dare to step out of the box, have a self-value and only The Most Obnoxious 5xmom has the balls to do that. You never try, you never know. You keep following people’s fart, you only end up with bad breath and a dissatisfied old fart.

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