Will you write 300 words for nothing?

*A re-post. Contest ended and result announced. Links will be added later*

Most people will say definitely not. But I am the queen of craps and I can write anything within a short period of time. I am a professional crapper and things flew out of my keyboard faster than most people can read. My record is 1 minute per post of about 80 words. Sometimes, I need to space out three posts in three minutes in order to get the posts aligned one by one in terms of timestap. However, I wrote too fast and I got three posts in 2 minutes. Can you believe that?

So, when Gyutae Park asked me if I am interested in his contest whereby I need to write a 300 words posts, I said, “Why not?” Then I hopped over to his blog and found that he is a Korean (I think so from the Park surname). I have heard of the contest he has with Tyler Cruz through JohnChow’s blog. John said he is voting for TylerCruz cos Tyler is in Canada.

Hey Lilian,
My name is Gyutae Park and I’m the blogger over at WinningtheWeb.com. I’ve started another contest, this time a competition with Tyler Cruz. Read more about it here: http://www.winningtheweb.com/tyler-contest-vote.php

By voting for the winning blog, you could be 1 of 3 winners of $100 in cash when the contest ends Monday night – paid for by the loser. I’m currently up 38-20, so it would definitely be beneficial for you to vote for me.

Now, that is one puzzling page. It was very longish with lots of words and instructions and I cannot find a vote button. I don’t mind hitting the VOTE but I couldn’t find it! I then read through and noted that I have to do these :

1) Quote Tyler Cruz site

2) Say I am voting for Gyutae Park of WinningtheWeb ‘cos he is handsome and real. Unlike Tyler Cruz who is a cartoon character. Muahahar, no he didn’t ask me to say he is handsome!

3) Write a 300 words post why I think WinningTheWeb dot com should win. I think I have gone beyond the 300 words. But why Gyutae should win? Because he wrote to me, he address me as Lilian and not some ‘Hey dude, hey bro’. And he is leading by 38-20. So, he is most likely to win.

Now, what are some of the prizes? Heck, I don’t care! I enter contests just for the sake of supporting fellow bloggers who show enthusiasm to increase their readership, audience, links and etc. If they do it nicely, I don’t mind participating.

The closing date is today.

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