Will you report paid links?

*A re-post*

Blogstorm asked his readers if they will report paid links. Well, they are in the SEO industry and I really don’t think it is wrong if they do that because business is business. It is a dog eats dog world and what else is new?

However, on our bloggers’ side, do you think people do report paid links? Long before we monetize our site with paid posts and text links, we were all but a bunch of innocent, happy bloggers who rant and rant about our daily lives. Then, the money factor creeps in and competition get keen.

I am privy to forum board where members were not happy with other members when one get smacked to PR 0 while the others don’t. I believe some may get very annoyed with the ‘injustice’ and try to see ‘justice’ done.

I know you may be wondering and wish to direct this question back to me – 5xmom, will you report paid links?

Heh, you think I am going to tell you? But I can tell you that there are many bitches and maybe balless chaps out there who really did go out of their way to make life miserable for me. Long time ago, when the blogging craze just started, I own two blogspot blogs. They were set up sometime in 2003. Now, it is 2008.

So, those two blogs were still close to my heart because they were my initial start-up. I still keep them running and I do fill them with paid posts, nice photos, some musings, nice template and I did get smacked as well. But funny thing is one of them still has a pagerank. It won’t fetch me much and I really don’t get any special treatment for the PR1.

But…..someone did reported to Blogger and my blogspot was locked for a day. I have no navigation bar so it is impossible to flag my blog as spam. Whoever reported it has gone out of their way to find the link to report to Blogger. I myself really do not know how to report to Blogger if I want to do so because they have such difficult navigation. I tried to report one bugger who opened a 5xmom1 blogspot but I gave up because of the hassle.

My blog is not spammy at all as I updated it often with new photos and stories (sometimes paid for). And yet, people won’t hesitate to report to Blogger because they can. Money has blinded all of us.

Again, will you report paid links? Well….the best is not to ruffle anyone feathers. Especially don’t look down on new bloggers starting out. I have seen many bloggers who themselves never even made it condemning new bloggers who tried to make it in this ‘make money blogging’ arena by calling them names. These bloggers are asking for it.

Getting locked out for just one day proves that Blogger agrees my blog is a great one. So, whoever did it to me, karma will bite your arse. But if you are still dead sure you want to report paid links, you can read Matt Cutt’s How to report paid links, sign up for Google Webmaster Central, find the link on your right and fill in the form. Karma bites…

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