I have tried both Widgetbucks and TTZ Media. I am sure many are familiar with WidgetBucks. However, I don’t see that many people people using TTZ Media. If you have been following JohnChow’s blog, you will notice how aggressive he promotes TTZ Media.

However, I noted that JohnChow only made a mere $348.50 in November. This figure is certainly very miserable if you compare JohnChow’s total November earnings which he claimed to be $27,240.83.

I tried TTZ Media for a while but dropped it after earning only $4.29 throughout the few weeks I put them up. Per click is about 0.15 cents compared to Widgetbucks. TTZ also have very little things to offer so it cannot work with my niches. With Widgetbucks, I have a whole range of parenting products, kitchen stuffs, cameras, women fashion, gadgets and a lot of interesting stuffs to display on all my blogs. With TTZ, all I get are the same old gadgets.


So, the verdict is I will stick to WidgetBucks. The above is my October income. In November, I made only about USD30 which is inclusive of those who signed up using my referral.

What about you? Are you still putting Widgetbucks on your site?

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