Why my blog feed is back to summary again

I forgot to mention that I have re-set my blog feeds to summary again because some bugger is taking my complete post. Every single one of them. There is no way to contact or leave a comment because assholes like them normally are too chicken to leave any door for people to go and give them a whack.

The only reason I didn’t make too much fuss is because beside this blog, the other blog the site steal from is Yaro Starak. (I hope the spelling is right?) Yaro Starak is a famous internet marketer. So, I suppose the thief has good taste in picking the blogs to steal.

Therefore, I hope regular readers, all 300 of you will bear with this for a while until I shake off the leeches.

Thank you. :) Please don’t unsubscribe.

Updated :

See? My post appeared instantly.

Picture 3.png

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