Because those freaking blog aggregators are stealing contents without asking!

I just discovered one food blog aggregator conveniently took our food blog contents, took the photos and hosted them on their own site, use their technical knowledge to fool people  and pass of stolen contents as one big happy website as theirs.

So, my conclusion is – WTF do we write nice nice blog posts for when all these blog aggregators conveniently use their stolen, flea market store front and paste every darn advertisements on their site to earn money?

Anyway, don’t let me catch any local bloggers taking my content. I will cussed till your ears bleed. And you bet that I will make a report to every ads company I see on your site.

The shitty thing is Google conveniently let off these blog aggregators while they keep hitting one blogger after another with their Google slap. A lot of bloggers who just got their PR already see those PR being robbed off again. My larling wuching got it too. He just got his PR 3 and now, it is reduced to PR 2/10. Shitty, right?

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