Why I am not so keen about Blogitive

1) Russian brides

2) Gold

3) Gold buillions

4) Gold investments

5) Silver

6) Silver buillions

7) Silver investments

8) You get the gist….

But, it is good because I can practically write with my eyes closed as I can almost repeat the whole web releases. LOL. Last night I had to rush out four posts within 21 minutes. I forgot that Blogitive gives only 48 hours and not 72 hours. When I logged in randomly, I found that my posts are all expiring in 21 minutes. So, it was a mad rush because I like to honour my commitment. Good thing is the site that I am to review is the same for all my four blogs. So, it was easy-peasy for the words to pitter patter on the keyboard and the story line to pop in my head as I hit the alphabets.

That said, if your blog is not that hot, do sign up for Blogtive because they do have some posts paying USD5 a piece for 2-3 paragraph with one link and two filler posts.

Talk about filler posts, that’s the hardest to write when you need to push the paid posts within the time limit. Writing two at one shot is madness. Most times, I am not proud of what I dished out but they are usually hidden in my unseen blogs.

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1 thought on “Why I am not so keen about Blogitive


    (April 22, 2007 - 4:13 pm)

    Beggers can’t be choosy. Blogitive is my 2nd main income source after PPP. :P No choice..the topic aren’t flattering but what to do. And slotting 2 non paid post in between is quite hard too.. I either write non quality stuffs or cheat by posting my kiddo’s picture. LOL

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