Why all noobs should keep their two cents to themselves?

I notice how total noobs love to go around and litter the blogsphere with their half-cooked opinions and two cents.

For example, just because chicken little heard that WidgetBucks have some hidden code, they go around and quote about ‘how stupid of WidgetBucks to hide codes’. Chicken Little merely heard it from some blogger who is trying to sell his own media company.

Chicken Little doesn’t know that in actual fact, there is a reason behind it :

Critic #2 – They have a “hidden” link in their code

There was actually a very functional purpose for that link and it was to show something to visitors that didn’t have javascript turned on.

I got the above explanation from 45n5 whose blog is on my feeds. 45n5 is a very knowledgeable blogger with very fresh and unbiased views. You see, 45n5’s know the in and out of things and he can explains. But Chicken Little has proven herself/himself to be one of those empty cans who make most noise.

The lesson to be learnt? Keep quiet if you aren’t sure what you are talking about. You are not doing a service to anyone. It just make you look stewpig. The sky is not falling, kiddo!

While you are at 45n5’s blog, go check out the Top 100 Make Money blogs from around the world. Me slipping down slowly and now hanging on #39. Still an achievement.

And if you haven’t signed up with WidgetBucks and tried them, please farking stop talking like you know how it works. WidgetBucks just earned me USD7 today through clicks because of my smart tactics. Nay…I am not teaching. After the dismal response to my previous post, I am going to be the Chinese who teach one and keep ten. Many of you whom I know for years are just not worth teaching.

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