I have seen many theories flying around over the pagerank fiasco. So, let me spell it very s i m p l e. Listen here….

1) You lost your page rank because you write paid posts.

2) You lost your page rank because you sell text links.

3) You lost your page rank because you just lost it. Google doesn’t need to explain to you.

4) You will never find out why.

5) You may never get it back. So, move on. Here, take some lollipops along with you.

6) Many said their blogspot survives. Don’t be too sure. Blogger.com may even shut down your blog one day…*insert scary movies music* I told you so….get your own domain and hosting…..but you never listen.

7) You cannot fight Google. Don’t be noobs. Or listen too much to those bloggers with kick-ass blogs. JohnChow is JohnChow. Your surname is not Chow. Nor Chan. Hehehe. Or think ‘together we can do it’ ideals.

8) Yes, Google doesn’t mess with our SERP, YET. That, my little ones means search engine results and whatever p stands for. Yes, right now I still rule in #1 for many very valuable keywords. But if Google thinks I have been notty-notty, they will take me off as well. And so do others.

9) Make that decision. You want to continue to be a used cars sales lot? Carry on writing paid posts and selling text links. You want status and reap organic traffic? Then, clean up your act and kiss the greenbacks goodbye. There is no in-betweens. Choose…..follow the light or darkside, your choice. Many of us have who have several blogs, we get to take both paths. When I reached the other side, i.e. dark or light, I will tell you more.

10) Stop bothering about your page rank. Go out and smell the flowers. Remember, we did not LOSE. We GAIN a hell lot of money already from our paid posts and text links over the months. If you have just jumped in…..*insert loser or wrong choice button music* too bad, the party is over. I told you so…..long time ago…..why you never listen to me leh? This is the status we are going to be in at least for several months or weeks. Advertisers are scared shits and will stop their acts for a while.

And more bad news….if you think PayPerPost RealRank is going to help you…think again…..You will be more dead than a dodo. Can you claim your blog is able to withstand the severe scrutiny of the IZEA RealRankâ„¢?

70% weighted towards visitors per day
20% weighted towards amount of ACTIVE inbound links per day
10% weighted towards pageviews per day

However, the way I see it, advertisers will go underground (i.e. those who pay a small sum of fixed amount and get a link without all the fuss of disclosures and escape without no follow link, which is required by Argus) and we will still reap the benefits. I.e. if we are ready to be those black marketeers, you know….the ones standing in the shady part and offers you sold out tickets……*in whisper mode* You need a hell lot of blogs to make a good income (but some of us still can do it cos we got shit loads of blogs.)

The RealRank is going to benefit those of us who already have high traffic. The small fishes will suffer and suffer even more if they are segmented out by continents.

So, boys and girls, the show is over! The fat lady just sang…*bows to evade rotten tomatoes and eggs*

Of course, I had categorised this as Obnoxious, so if you are angry over this post, then I have lived up to my title.

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