Which ad format works best for Nuffnang ads?

A few people have asked me which type of ad format works best for Nuffnang ads.

Before I proceed, please note that I only use the CPM ad slots, i.e. I put the little Nuffnang blue logo on my blog and if advertisers wish to place their banners, they will buy the slot for a whole week. Then, depending on which band that blog belongs to, I get the payment calculated at the end of the week.

The band numbers that I get on my blogs range from a mere 2 (which pays like RM1+ per week) to band 41 (only during some crazy periods like the 12 GE). Therefore, I do not really care about which format works best because it is based on the amount of traffic I get.

I am not aware or bother to find out if different format pays better or the three different ads format pays the same amount of money. If you wish to know, please ask Nuffnang yourself.

Picture 1.png

In the above screenshot, you may notice that some of my blogs have three ads format on one page.

They are :

1) The banner which I place above everything else, right at the top.

2) The sidebar 160 x 600.

3) The large rectangle which I inserted after my first post.

I actually do not like to place all three formats together but on one or two blogs, I have to because each week, different advertisers asked for different ad formats. In the end, to save my time, I just stuff all three there. I do not get an ad every week.

In general, these are the most favoured ads :

1) The 728 x 90 because it is so visible
2) The large rectangle if you place it above your fold, i.e. right after your banner before your post
3) Sidebar

However, if you are not only monetizing solely with Nuffnang, you may want to evaluate properly. Here are some points to consider :

a) Is it worth it to place the ads and distract your Adsense’s clicks? I have one blog targetting US only traffic and I do not place Nuffnang ads there.

b) Do you have other banner ads that prohibit Nuffnang ads? I have one overseas company that prohibit me from placing any other banners ads next to theirs.

c) Would placing too many ads make your blog looks like the back of the bus? I have seen some really gaudy set up because they not only place Nuffnang ads, they have other banners. Staring too long makes me breathless!

Nuffnang is coming up with more and more attractive ads format like this Happy-O-Meter, the rotating ads called buffered earnings and recently, another one call metered campaign. Then, there is the cost per click (CPC) ads.

I cannot advice which works best for you because it depends on the kind of traffic you get. However, you may want to go with Nuffnang Glitterati because a blog can only take so many ads so do not overload with too many local ads. Blogs with too much Malaysian flavours do not make money. My personal blog has the most traffic but it is ranked position #5 in terms of making money (total income from all sources).

Do read these two related posts : How to make money from Nuffnang and I explained how the Nuffnang analytics work.

Note : This post is written based on my own individual and personal evaluation on how Nuffnang ads works and I do not guarantee that my points are 100% correct or reliable. And no, Nuffnang does not pay me to promote but I personally believe that Malaysia has a bright future in internet marketing and so far, Nuffnang is the only company that performs, pays and rewards bloggers.

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5 thoughts on “Which ad format works best for Nuffnang ads?


    (July 10, 2008 - 7:12 am)

    i got the most clicked on cpc ads based in my another web after hiding the ads footer.
    it’s work great.


    (July 10, 2008 - 1:16 pm)

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas with us!


    (July 10, 2008 - 6:07 pm)

    do you mind explain wats the buffered earnings and the metered campaign means?? it appears in my account but i dont get wats tat..

    thankx alot.. :D


    (July 10, 2008 - 11:19 pm)

    Hi….I just started blogging regularly cos I start, stop, start, stop..like that la…and I really want to learn what needs to be done to start earning some monies. Planning to read all yr entries from beginning. I started with the category of basic for beginners……thanks for all the help, though mostly I don’t really understand…hehehe he, I actually am quite smart but then when it comes to computer and internet stuff, like blurrr sotong…will try my best. Thanks for taking time to give advise on yr blog.


    (September 1, 2008 - 7:27 am)

    to be honest. I love to use nuffnang and right now, i’m waiting for my check. Hope will get soon.

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