I just read JedYoong who said :

A staff member from my web hosting company told me today that the police called them up.

I am not sure if the police plans to seize the servers.

And that makes me wonder…..

if she has hosted with a US company, will the police be able to pursue the matter?

Will the US webhosting gives a shit to such demand?

Her site is hosted by my very first webhost, INTEGRICITY. It is a company in KL. So, the police can go ruffle some feathers there.

Actually, I seriously wonder if the police has the nose to sniff at the right place or do they just use a long stick and swipe every leads, whether useful or not? Once, I brought some evidence to the police station using my thumbdrive. They wanted to keep the thumbdrive as ‘bukti’! I was like WTF, just transfer the blardy files I am giving you to your computer. Why the hell do they need the thumbdrive?

So, folks, do you think it is safer to host in the USA? My server is in the USA but my webhost is in my neighbourhood. So, taukeh Bryan, apa maciam? When they ring my bell, they ring your bell too, ok?

Arrggh…dont’ get me started on the politics, intimidation, conspiracy and other stuffs or else this post will never end.

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