Updated : I found the darn buttons! Thanks to Raymond and all the other guys. Wahahaha, I was the blind one. You can find the step by step on how to add the back button on Firefox 3 here.

Picture 3.png

This is driving me nuts! I am not sure if I missed something somewhere but on the toolbar on Firefox 3 new release which I downloaded this morning, I cannot find the DARN BACK BUTTON!

Many pages usually open on the same page and I need to go back, darn it! So, what do I do now? I have to go to History and trace my steps back. Can you believe this?

I did a bit of Googling and someone on Techcrunch also asked the same question. Where is the back button on Firefox 3?

However, I notice we can scroll so much smoother and faster on Firefox 3.

Pardon the short fuse because when my Sony Vaio broke down, all my passwords went with it. Now, I have to retrieve passwords and I am getting sick of ‘Forget Password’ because the mails go to several different emails and I cannot remember the email passwords. Which means, I have to Forget Passwords on the emails as well. Bah!

Tell me where is the back button on Firefox 3, please?

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