For the longest time, there has been no adrenalin rush of a Google smackdown or Google pagerank increase.

So, yeah, many may scoff at the mere mention of pagerank and brushed it off as something noobs look for. Well, I think those are just sour-grapes griping because pagerank does matter. The higher your pagerank, the better you are in the SERPs. A site cannot just depend on a few keywords boosted by softwares to fake the backlinking. A good site has natural backlinks from reliable sites and pwnd in many, many keywords.

If my observation is right, let’s say a keyword like ‘Google pagerank’ and two sites are side by side in the SERP. The site with the higher PR will be ahead of the one lower. I have stalked some ‘peer blogs’ in certain niches and those of us with PR 4/10 definitely are placed higher than those with PR 3/10.

Therefore, whether you care about PR or not, I do. And I am just counting the days to the next PR update. The last time Google updated the pageranks was on April 30 or May 1st (depending on which side the sun shines first). So, shall we bet that we shall be seeing many Chicken Little screaming, “The sky is falling, I lost my PR!!!” by early August 2008. That is just a couple of weeks away.

Woohoo! Exciting. I hope I don’t lost PR again. As for increase PR, I have no more hope. Google seems very stingy with pagerank increase nowadays. Having a PR4/10 is like very high standard already. Only my personal blog has that flicker of hope due to the high traffic and backlinks.

I better start praying to my cyber-Google god now and hope to be blessed with suprised pageranks increase like the last update.

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