When in trouble, morph

A few blog buddies are lamenting about the lack of jobs they have these days. Money are hard to come by. Personally, I don’t feel the pinch or worry about geting a little dent in my income and an abrupt changes in the opportunities I have.

I have taken a lot of new measures to arrest the decline in income. I shall share that in a more detailed post later. Maybe I will even show you my income for the week! (stay tune) However, what we need to remember is how closely related blog income is to our real life. There is no constant in our income, whether from blogs or from our physical work or business. There are ups and downs. Therefore, if we don’t go with the flow, morph when in trouble or find new opportunities, we won’t get anywhere.

For example, one can easily get into money trouble if say you lose your job or you have a sudden expenditure to settle. Or if you do business, you can also get into difficulties. Therefore, what’s the point of lamenting and whining over the drop in blog income? Go out, learn new things, find new avenue and keep working. It is not the end of the world, you know?


Generally, people are always in money trouble. That’s why payday loans are flourishing because they need that quick cash. Though I wouldn’t advocate advance check cashing, I guess if you are depending on only your salary and you have no other savings, you really need it to get you of the mess. It is certainly much better than borrowing from friends and relatives. No strings attached, no gratitude, no one to be indebted to.

If you need to find out more information, do check out the link I provided. They also concur with my opinion that one shouldn’t depend on it for long term but use it as a quick emergency cash :

Common though it may be to take out a loan, personal or business whichever it may be, you do need to be well informed about the choices you make, be disciplined enough not to overspend, and have the necessary plan in place in order to be able to pay back what you have borrowed. Loans and cash advances, credit cards, advance payday cash – all these “helping hands” may be readily available and can be useful if used correctly, however they should not be counted on for a long term financial plan.

Now, back to those bloggers who are lamenting about their lack of jobs, I would like to remind them that in the first place, they shouldn’t have place too much reliance on internet income. Secondly, they should always keep up to date on the current trend and know where the wind blows. What works today may not work for us next month or even the next day. Always be prepared and never put all your eggs in one basket.

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