I went to cash out my Google Adsense income for July 2008. Normally, I use Western Union and cash through CIMB where I have an account.

I am so, so happy that US dollar is gaining strength and I get a better rate this month. For every USD1, I get RM3.359. With this exchange, I easily earn RM200 more than I expected. Whoopee!

Extra RM200 just because of better exchange rate.

I went to issue a bank draft in Indian Rupees. I need to pay Rs2,000 for a course in Theology from India. Initially, when I received the quoted amount, I was so worried that I couldn’t afford it. The course in Theology comes in several units and Rs2,000 is the cost for one unit. I thought, OMGAWWWDDD!!! How to afford so much money.

But hehehe, I found out that Rs2,000 is just about RM166 only. So yeah, I am studying the ‘science of God’ (Theo = God, logy = science) on a distance learning course. And the best thing is this RM166 comes free because I am getting a better exchange rate.

Now, I cannot wait for payday for the rest of the ads income. I hope the exchange rate stays or go up to RM3.40 per USD1 when I cash out the rest of my income which normally comes in after the 1st of the month.

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