Whee! PayPerPost allows 3 posts per day!

Oh well, not that it matters to me because I never get past one post per day. But I am pleased with this because it means I can grab more money when I find something really good to do. Now, I don’t have to wait up till 3 am over here to grab the juicy posts. Plus I don’t have to make the final 100 meter dash at noon so that I can take the last few posts before another new day starts.

I *heart* [tag]PayPerPost[/tag]. A lot. Because they have upgraded my tacks to a maximum score of five. My Alexa rankings are all updated. Can you believe that this new blog of mine has an Alexa ranking of only 200K+? This is super because my other older blogs only hang around 400+ K with the exception of my personal blog at 60+K.

I know I shouldn’t gloat but really, I worked hard for them and I should be proud of it. Now if only my PR can be increased to PR6/10 and I will be on my way to making five digits per month. They have USD1,000, USD125 and USD75 paid opportunities.

So, have you checked PPP’s blog yet?

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1 thought on “Whee! PayPerPost allows 3 posts per day!


    (February 13, 2007 - 5:27 am)

    i still have to wait for PPP to approve my main blog first…. :(

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