What’s your thought on others taking your full feeds/blog content?

Some may not mind because it drives more traffic. Some don’t because it reeks of stealing content. If you are running on WordPress, you can choose to summarize your blog feeds.

Here’s a screenshot of the WordPress dashboard:


Choose Option > Reading. Scroll down further…


At the Syndication Feeds, select ‘summary’.

I have a lot of unknown sites that trackback to me. Some of my posts ended up on porn feeds. OMG, I merely use the word Chinese pussy willow, which is a flower, ok? (But heh, I am not new to SEO anyway. :P )

Well, most of these sites do not provide an email contact and you can’t lambast the owner because your proper religious blog ended up on porn feeds. (oh well, I am just giving some imaginary examples).

However, there are site owners who wrote to me asking for permission to include my blog in their feeds. Most of the times, I decline. I don’t blog for traffic nor exposure so I prefer to do it my way. And I believe, if my blog is good, my content is great, I can garner my own traffic and readers, thanks but no thanks. I am referring to those blogs that include the whole of your blog posts including photos. I am not going to benefit their Google Adsense with photos and foods that I painstakingly prepared.

Maybe I am a little snobbish but yeah, I find it distasteful to take others’ content. Unless that site is a well-maintained, professionally administered, is ‘human’ (i.e. someone real I know), has traffic ten times my site or a huge community already established before my blog was set up.

Having said that, I do enjoy the plugin that compile two of my blogs to become one. I haven’t have time to develop the fusion blog yet but I hope to make it a useful one-stop centre one day. Meantime, I shall let it grows first.

One more thing – Remember that it is risky to let other takes your full content because Google may point to you of having mirror sites (two different URL with same content). And PayPerPost won’t let you register if they trace that your blog content is available on other sites. Yeah, PPP have the mechanism to trace plagiarism and mirror sites as well. So, be careful folks.

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3 thoughts on “What’s your thought on others taking your full feeds/blog content?


    (January 28, 2007 - 10:01 am)

    I’m guessing you don’t have much of a spam protection if you’re getting Trackback spam. Use Bad Behavior alongside your Akismet filter and you should see the difference in Trackback spam.

    The excuse that people people would use your full feeds to plagiarize is a poor one. Even with partial feeds, it just takes a little more code to plagiarize your blog. Personally, unless the blog is good, I never read any blog that has partial feeds. It’s too troublesome and I don’t really have enough time.


    (January 28, 2007 - 10:56 am)

    ROTFL at the “pussy willow” thing :mrgreen:

    – MENJ


    (January 29, 2007 - 1:50 am)

    So, in ur opinion, which is better? Full post or have to click on the “read more” button to get the whole post. but for me, i really find it cumbersome to have to click click click, and sometimes, those darn buggers have pop ups on that button too, knn….

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