My blogs were doing fine until yesterday. The server keep crashing and my webhost Byran discovered that it was some cron job in my wp-back-up plugin that gives the problem. Thanks to my webhost or I would be dead as I do not know how to deal with these sort of things. He took some remedial steps and overcome the problems.

Now, I am wondering if I am getting excessive spams or has Akismet stopped working? Since yesterday, I have upgraded the Akismet twice. Now, the latest is version 2.2.1. Yet, spams keep coming in like 3-4 spams every 10 minutes.

For this Make Money blog, I get like 300-400 spams per day. Akismet is good because it filtered all the spams and rarely, it puts some of the genuine comments into spam too. However, these two days, I seem to be having problems with it.

I went to Akismet original site to check out if I have missed out anything. The Akismet site is providing only version 2.0. My current version is 2.2.1. Then, I surfed the Akismet blog and did not find any notification on upgrades etc.

I am reluctant to try other spam plugins because bad scripts from some of the plugin had killed my site many times.

Do you notice excessive spams these two days? Have you upgraded your Akismet yet?

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