Do you keep a to-do list? I don’t but have them swirling in my head. However, if there is a long list of things to do and I am afraid of forgetting them, then, I will jot them down on my Mac. Otherwise, I just key them into my calendar in my mobile phone.

Being an ex-secretary, I guess I am pretty organised as I used to breath ‘to-do list’ and was a walking ‘to-do list’ for my boss. I literally and physically run his daily lives, day and even at nights when he had dinner appointments, business trips right down to remember which visiting procurement managers like which GROs and etc.

Today is Tuesday and I have completed :

1) Change my personal and food blogs WordPress theme.
2) Add some plugins which include a photo album.
3) Completed my paid posts totalling only 14 for the week.
4) Done some duty roster for my church.

And I have several things that scream attention but I just haven’t got the push to do such as :

1) Finish one advertorial, polish it and publish it.
2) Send out the proposal I had completed. Need to be very sure it looks professional so I am staring at it for the 1000th time.
3) Write some crappy opening lines for a short talk.
4) Do my assignments from the psychology and spirituality course I am attending twice weekly.
5) Trace where the hell is my bank draft sent to Mumbai
6) Ask my leader to upgrade my church website from Windows NT server to Linux or whatever. I hate that! I didn’t know I cannot change my blog permalink as the stupid server probably didn’t run like my Linux and now, the whole blog gives 404. I wasted 2 hours to clear the problem, read the Codex tutorial and every thing I can find on the net.

Plus those daily routine of a make money blogger such as :

1) Check that all my blogs are running fine because there are blogs that I hardly visit for weeks;
2) Upgrade the plugins if necessary;
3) Go out, eat more, take pictures and blog;
4) Log into all my monetization program and see that the money is increasing;
5) Run through my Google Webmaster Central and find out if any sitemap is not readable by Google (it happens so always good to re-submit)
6) Analyse all those stats, income, blek…I hate these

So, do you keep a to-do list to stay on the track or do you just blindly forge ahead without stopping to recollect your thoughts?

I personally like to slow down, stop, recollect and re-route, if necessary. It is the same in my Christian’s journey where I stopped to ask myself questions before I go on blindly believing there is God. I would detach myself from too much faith/religion related things, question the existence of God, write down the goodness I feel which are God’s blessings and then, get back on track to do God’s will.

It’s a good way to be in control of things, try it!

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