What the….spark?

I mentioned about SocialSpark the other day and like all good make money bloggers, I thought I would take it for a joyride so that I have something to blog about.

So, there was this post for USD27.50 to write about “I signed up for SocialSpark”. I showed an interest but apparently, I was put in the queue. It has been more than a week already and today, yahoo! I got a mail from SocialSpark.


You’ve recently reserved the Opportunity I Signed up for SocialSpark! at the $$5.5 offer price into your SocialSpark account. Now I’m not saying you have do it right. this. second. However, remember that you have 12 hours to complete and submit to this Opp! So, now that it’s in reservation, feel free to take a stretch or even a shower. Don’t forget to wash behind those ears!

The SocialSpark Team

But guess what? Now, the price is USD5.50. For USD5.50, they can take a number and queue up. I am so not gonna write 200 words post on a PR 4/10 to promote a company. Nah ah. Buh bye.

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1 thought on “What the….spark?

    The Unforgiven

    (April 27, 2008 - 7:29 pm)

    I still have an email from Social Spark saying I’ve been approved, when frankly I did not use them at all….or Pay Per Post for that matter.

    Maybe I should try them out…The say all posts will be “No Follow.”

    Sounds fair.

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