What should PPP do with the USD7 millions in funding?

Well, how often do you get to be the financial adviser on how to dispose off USD7 million to a company? With PayPerPost, posties get to share their ideas and give their wacky opinions. Sometimes, the wackiest ideas brought the best and fruitful results. For an example, when PayPerPost first launched, there were so many negative criticisms over the business module. Yet the company has grown from strength to strength and is going to be one year old this month.

It is by far, the most publicised paid post company and personally, the best paying one for us posties and the most regulated one for the advertisers. I said regulated because PayPerPost has a large pool of staffs to check on our contents and make sure that advertisers get what they paid for.

From my last post, you may have heard that PayPerPost is giving away USD7,000 to its posties by giving us paid posts to write and promote the company. It is call the Lucky 7s and we are getting paid USD700, USD70 or USD10.77 for a post to promote the company.

Now, I will tell the potential advertisers why they must consider to advertise on blogs through PayPerPost. It is because PayPerPost is a company fueled by the passionate Ted Murphy who leads a great team. PayPerPost has 28,000 posties, many of whom are really passionate about what we write for your companies. The top posties all maintain quality blogs (ahem, just like yours truly) and hence, will project a very good image of your company.

As for the USD7 million, how do you think PayPerPost should utilise it? I think the best is to use it to expand the company by developing more income generating ads program to cater for the increasingly demanding advertisers. Research and find out what advertisers want and give us more ways to earn money besides paid posts. For example, text links, ad links in posts, banner ads and more. This way, it helps us posties to earn more income, advertisers to get more buzz and PayPerPost continues to prosper.

Of course, throw us more Lucky Seven every month.

Post Author: lilian

3 thoughts on “What should PPP do with the USD7 millions in funding?


    (June 13, 2007 - 2:12 pm)

    i can’t even take anything at home… :( Streamyx sucks big time!


    (June 13, 2007 - 2:36 pm)

    how about lucky 9 ? haha…

    have been reading your blogs, initially the bf forum few years back. Love yur food photos!

    Zac Johnson

    (June 18, 2007 - 1:51 am)

    Expanding exposure for the company, and focusing on bringing in more high quality companies/advertisers. With well known brands, they will have more legitimacy. Improvements on user interface would also help grow their network as well.

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