What price loyalty (as publishers towards advertisers)?

As publishers, we have so many competing ‘get paid to post’ companies to choose from. On top of that, we have so many ads companies fighting for a place on our sidebars. So, I wonder do you, as a blogger and publisher has some kind of loyalty to these companies?

Although most of the companies do not demand exclusivity, except for contextual ads from Google Adsense, do you feel compelled to support certain companies more than others? I do. I like to stick to only certain paid posts companies and separate them to the multiple blogs that I own.

For example, this blog writes for mainly PayPerPost, a rare SponsoredReviews and an occassional ReviewMe. Meanwhile, for my Best Recipe blog, I only take SponsoredReviews and ReviewMe and not PayPerPost.

The reason I do this is because sometimes the same advertiser pay for campaigns through different pay-to-post companies on the same blog of mine. This happens very often on My Women Only! blog. I feel it is not appropriate to take them as the advertiser may have overlooked this point because the older posts were a few pages behind. I do not wish to accept the assignment as it is not proper unless the last post was several weeks old.

Another thing I dislike is to accept a USD100 post from the company (my personal blog and recipe blog’s price for per review) and then, grab a USD10 opp through another company for the same review. So, right now, I make it a point to ensure that those companies who pay for USD100 gets the maximum exposure with multiple links and photos.

The other competing ads companies we have locally are nuffnang and the other company. I personally like to stick to only one, i.e. the one that drives most ads to my sites. Then again, it is entirely my personal preference but I like to show some loyalty to the company that has proven results.

No doubt money is the factor that will influence my decision, I like to believe that there is reward in being loyal to only certain ads companies and not turning my blogs into a pasar malam (night flea markets) and dump everything and anything inside. It will give our blogs a better image and advertisers and ads companies will more likely favour us. Remember that advertisers do come to our blogs to evaluate and if they like it, they will probably find something else for us. Some of these are ads agencies and hence, they do have plenty of opportunities and not just limited to a one-off campaign.

Therefore, dear make-money comrades, don’t turn your blog into a pasar malam.

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1 thought on “What price loyalty (as publishers towards advertisers)?


    (May 3, 2007 - 2:21 pm)

    Sometimes it is hard not to have a pasar malam unless we get lots of opps to choose from and can afford to be choosy. I still have yet to get a sponsoredreview assignment todate. So far, only 1 reviewme. Best bet still with PPP and Loudlaunch.

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