What Malaysian Dreamgirl.tv webmaster need to improve

As some of you may know, Malaysian Dreamgirl contest is ongoing right now. They promote it over the airwaves, on TV, in the media and fashion related magazines. It is a reality tv show available for viewing online. As Malaysian Dreamgirls reality tv is an online show, the webmaster of Malaysian Dreamgirl ought to work harder on their Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.


I have noted that their original site does not rank well for many crucial keywords. Obviously, the webmaster has not thought of the importance of SEO and SERP.

They have to remember that when people sees a promo on TV, read in the media or heard it over the radio, they will want to surf the site. However, they normally cannot remember the complete url. What they have are bits and pieces of pertinent keywords such as :

malaysian dreamgirls
malaysia dreamgirls
malaysian dream girl contest
malaysian model dreamgirls
fiqa malaysia dreamgirl
hanis malaysia dreamgirl
nadia malaysia dreamgirl

and so on. I have mentioned it elsewhere that the Malay contestants have a better chance of winning because the contest depends on weekly SMS voting. In terms of numbers, there are more Malays in our country. It is not a racial matter but people tend to vote for someone their race if the contestants are equally good (or bad). I noted that many of the searches are for fiqa (who was voted out last week), hanis and nadia.


Right now, the Malaysian Dreamgirl organiser appears to have focussed only on selected bloggers to help them promote. They failed to see that when they do that, they are getting the same group of readers.

I think they should promote it on Adwords as well and book all those blogs who mentioned Malaysian Dreamgirls or any one of those related keywords. There are lots of positive and also negative blog posts and many of these negative ones have appeared high on the search results. Bloggers have herd mentality. When they read something negative, they will totally stay off the issue unless it is really a nice controversy, then they will probably check it out.

For a hugely promoted online tv reality show with a lot of prizes, I would have thought that they get shitloads of traffic. So, I decided to check Alexa traffic and see :


The above is the traffic trend for the last seven days compared to my personal blog. I am merely using my personal blog as a yardstick.

And below is the traffic for the month. As you can see, it is not at all impressive if you consider the amount of promotion they have put into the show. The girls have appeared on The Star, NTV7, some men magazine, some fashion show all over town and etc.


So, how can they improve?

1) Do a quick campaign on Adwords and start making your show appears on the Adsense of every blogger who quoted Malaysian Dreamgirls. Buy up different keywords.

2) Remember that you need to spread out your bloggers’ reach and not concentrate on only Kenny Sia, Shaolin Tiger, KimCun, Timothy, Nuffnang and their friends because their readers are almost the same group. Have you buy advertorials through Nuffnang to be placed on the famous Malay language bloggers and entertainment site?

3) Start optimise your site with more keyword rich sentences and make some meta tags.

4) Give the contestants a WordPress Multi-User’s blog, darn it! Let the girls blog! Let them fight it out online on their blogs. Camwhore, whatever. Of course, the organizer can always supervise to avoid controversies. How can you call it an online show when your girls were not even allowed to get online? Doh!

5) Start heavy promotion through Nuffnang. The show is almost ending and heck, I have not personally see any banner ads on the girls on local bloggers sites.

If you want to earn that RM1 SMS, you gotta promote heavily. If your show is an online version, you should make your presence felt everywhere on the blogsphere.


Disclaimer : I am not paid for this long post. I just enjoy using case studies of how local webmasters failed to see the importance of SEO. It is all about the race to the first position. It is all about shitting your url on every page, search engines and at every turn so that surfers cannot run away or failed to find your blog. These few days, I have noticed that Malaysian Dreamgirls result turned up my personal blog post.

I hope this post is helpful to bloggers who want to get high traffic. It is that simple. SEO. How? Read my blog. And did I hear someone ask – Where is the link to the Malaysian Dreamgirl? Google it, you lazy bum. Why should I SEO for them, huh?

Post Author: lilian

5 thoughts on “What Malaysian Dreamgirl.tv webmaster need to improve


    (April 15, 2008 - 4:55 pm)

    LOL I love this one and I fully agree with you. I did a google search for Malaysian Dreamgirls and the main site never appeared at all! Instead a whole bunch of blogs turned up instead. :)

    Felex Tan

    (April 15, 2008 - 8:14 pm)

    I do not really follow Malaysian Dreamgirls series,thats why i did not search from Google.Well, it is a good example to show how important is the keyword to our website Page Rank.


    (April 16, 2008 - 1:00 am)

    maybe they thought using Kenny is enuff already :)

    Juice 23

    (April 17, 2008 - 4:24 am)

    i just pray that none of those chicks are males (trannies) because when i went there on a business trip i had ‘unexpected’ surprise -_-

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