What keeps you awake (for blogging)?


Many people may not know that bloggers like me who blog for fun and money have to have discipline. We have a set routine and bloggers who are moms have to juggle many things together.

I probably cannot make as much money as I am earning now without the help of several things. It can get very lonely at night and when that happens, the brain slows down and I can no longer write. So, here is the list of the things that helped to push me on those long, lonely nights when I have to complete my assignments :

1) Foods like chocolates, dried fruits and seeds/nuts that I can keep nibbling.

2) More foods like a cup of hot chocolate, healthy oats or sometimes, instant noodles.

3) Music – I listen to all sort of songs because I am too lazy to sort them out. Some of them are my sons and some mine. Among mine are Marc Anthony, Jackie Cheung, Josh Groban, Il Divo, Clay Aiken…yayaya, I know you notice that I have a preference for males, singing in Latin. I just got a Sony ear plug that blocks out the sound of my keyboard and I can get lost in those lyrics, sometimes, using them as part of my posts and type real fast.

4) MSN! I can write and chat at the same time. Different time of the day, I chat with different people. During late at night, I will have my bunch of 4 paid posts queens to bitch with. It helps to keep us awake. However, I do not like to associate myself with any particular group because things can get sticky sometimes.

5) Money. Yes, I will peek at the next payment date and see if I can squeeze in a few more posts to make up the amount I targeted.

So, what fuels you to keep blogging?

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8 thoughts on “What keeps you awake (for blogging)?

    Kyle M. Stephens

    (August 27, 2007 - 12:50 pm)

    Hot chocolate will put me to sleep!


    (August 27, 2007 - 1:31 pm)

    the answer is my log book. i will try to maintain my daily earnings so that i will not face any problem when the “inventory” day coming.

    but when I am too tired, i will not switch on my pc and also my mind at all. that’s better for tomorrow pursuit (money pursuit).

    anyway auntie, i never leave my jug ice syrup for overnight blogging!


    (August 27, 2007 - 4:45 pm)

    hot babes will keep me up.

    Net Hustlin'

    (August 27, 2007 - 5:41 pm)

    Music definitely works for me. Unless i’m really tired then it puts me to sleep.

    Wayne Liew

    (August 27, 2007 - 8:15 pm)

    I think it’s the stats of my blog, I want it to rise, reach the height of this blog! :-P


    (August 30, 2007 - 1:18 pm)

    Drinking my favorite Budweiser in leather

    Transit Goods

    (August 30, 2007 - 5:52 pm)

    I know what you mean and i’m only a mom of 1 but it is hard trying to blog during the day so mostly blog in the evening, music keeps me going!

    Vincent Chow

    (August 31, 2007 - 1:27 am)

    Money. Earnings down, low fuel, less quality and quantity of blog post. Earnings up, up fuel, more post.

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