What is Web 2.0?

For a non-technical person like me, certain terms intimidate me like Web 2.0.  I have seen it appearing almost everywhere.  Tech geeks love to say, ‘it is ready for Web 2.0’.  That left me baffled.  I thought that it is some new kind of system.  Though I am not   technophobic, things like these make me wonder if I am going to be out of touch.

So, I googled for Web 2.0 and realised that I am in it.  You are in it.  We are part of it.  Here is a simple explanation that I received from one of the newsletter I subscribed to:

Over the past two years the internet has been changing from a depository of static information to a vibrant, live conversation. Now referred to as Web 2.0, the live web is a very different place. Instead of using online photo albums we now have Flickr and YouTube. Instead of the Encyclopedia Britannica online, we have Wikipedia. And as Fortune Magazine said, we have blogs – for better or worse.

Web 2.0 has given the average person the power of voice. The barriers to online publishing are gone. Anyone can set up a blog in mere minutes and have their say online. In text, images and video. They can podcast and videocast. They can syndicate their thoughts and ideas in an RSS feed, making their comments visible to the entire world. And unlike print, it won’t disappear in a few weeks or months. It’s there for the duration.  (written by Sally Falkow Expert Author | WebProNews)

You can subscribe to WebProNews if you enjoy learning, like me.  :P   So yay!  I am one of the pollutant of this big world wide web call Web 2.0!

More explanation on Wikipedia  but I must warn you that it will make you more confuse than you are now.  Just sit back, keep blogging and enjoy whatever the experts come up with.  Smart people like us just sit around and wait for experts to make things easier for us, eh?  ;)

Post Author: lilian