What is Feedvertising from Text Link Ads?

I got a better picture of how [tag]feedvertising[/tag] works, finally. Pardon me but I am not a techie person. I don’t subscribe to any [tag]RSS[/tag] feeds. I blog hop to find out if any of my favourite blogs have updated. I do not even know how many people subscribe to my various blogs. Seriously.

The email from [tag]Text Link Ad[/tag] has explained Feedvertising as below:

Currently for [tag]WordPress [/tag]2.0+ users with more blogging platforms coming very shortly.

Advertisers can finally drill down on even the toughest target audience by selecting individual blog RSS feeds to advertise in. Reach people where they actually read!

  • It’s free. Use Feedvertising to expand your income without ever spending a dime.
  • It’s flexible. Sell ads in-house, opt into our marketplace to get help selling ad spots, promote affiliate programs or your other blogs, or use a combination of all of the above to maximize your sales and exposure. It’s totally up to you.
  • It’s clean. We all know that site visitors prefer text links over banners and buttons, and the same is true for your feed. Use Feedvertising’s pure HTML text link ads and get better response.
  • It’s predictable. No variable CPM rates or cost-per-click systems to worry about–just predictable flat rate pricing.
  • Flat rate pricing. Feedvertising is not based on page views or cost-per-click. It’s about “cost-per-influence” and reaching your target audience.
  • Targeted ad buys. With Feedvertising, you get to choose the exact blogs where your ad will appear. You’ll never have to worry about ending up on low quality sites because you are in control.
  • Reach a “tough to reach” crowd. Many savvy Internet users never even visit their favorite blogs. Instead, they read all of their content inside their RSS reader. Feedvertising allows you to target this audience by having your ad appear directly inside their RSS reader!
To understand more about this exciting new product, surf over to :
Text Link AdsOne of my food blog is on sale at Text Link Ad’s rss marketplace. Here’s a screenshot:

To all fellow bloggers who have signed up with TLA, the secret to sell that link is to write catchy and short description of your blog. Boast about your pagerank, uniqueness, number of pages the ads will appear (I know it is stated somewhere but just to drill home how many pages make it more attractive) and remember to tell them how often you update your blog. Oh ya, don’t use the word ‘BLOG’, use anything except the word ‘blog’. Go on…give it a shot. Sell ad space has never been easier. I merely sit back and wait for advertisers.

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    (September 28, 2006 - 4:29 am)

    Hi lilian, thanks for sharing all this with us. I’m now so convinced I feel like quiting my stressful job and be a blogger mom like u. if only…

    Thanks for sharing your experiences to dodos like me. Keep it up!

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