What is anchor text?

Someone emailed me and asked what is anchor text?

To explain – Anchor text is the word, a few words or sentence with several words that people want to be linked to the URL.

For example if I say I want my anchor text to be 5xmom and the URL http://chanlilian.net, then if you are writing something for me, you have to use 5xmom and then link 5xmom with http://chanlilian.net. So, if you use Lilian and then, link to http://chanlilian.net, then your anchor text is wrong.

Many people often use the wrong technique and use ‘her’ and then, put the URL of the person’s blog. This is a pity because you are not helping your friend, for example. Because ‘her’ will be the keyword which is too common. But if your friend has a unique name like ermm…chan lilian and then, you type and link to the URL, then, when people search for chan lilian, they are more likely to find it on the pages on the search engines.

So, all those paid posts emphasise strongly on anchor text because these are the keywords they want to appear. Therefore, we cannot change anything they provided. Sometimes, they capitalise it, put some space or dash and sometimes, the word is in plural or singular form. Never change that, doesn’t matter that the English maybe wrong, just follow exactly what is given.

This is the reason why some paid post posties had been banned from writing certain posts because LOL, they spelt the company’s name wrongly, not once but several times.

Now that you know how important anchor text is, please avoid those ‘here’ and ‘here’ and ‘him’ and ‘her’ and add links. Those are a waste of a good link. Make your writings look professional, use relevant keywords and put the link where it matters most.

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