What does Perez Hilton and 5xmom have in common?

A lot. We are nominated for the Most Obnoxious Blogger Award.

BTW, Jason Calacanis can smell my fart cos I had beaten him 122 vs. 53.

Now, I had lost to Perez Hilton. But heck, it is soooooo thrilling to be next to the world most obnoxious blogger. I love you Perez! I just watched MTV and you were featured. I screamed to my kids, “Look! Your ma is now in a race with Perez.” If only I can have the guts like yours. Then again, I am female and have no balls. So, I shall let you win the coveted title.

Of course, I love all my voters for taking time to vote for me. 122 -1. 121 of you all. Cos I voted for myself too.

The most obnoxious thing I did in the last week was to leave a one sentence, about 8 words question on some SEO blog and in return I was lambasted with three paras. Am I obnoxious or what?

Go to Andy Beard’s blog if you are nominated for the Bloggers Choice Award and see what he has come up with. I tried joining but I got lost in the process of comprehending. I am not good in following long instructions. But I love you, Andy. I voted for you and you have voted for me too. I agree that it is so hard to find even our own blog in the sea of blogs.

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2 thoughts on “What does Perez Hilton and 5xmom have in common?

    Andy Beard

    (April 16, 2007 - 3:02 am)

    All you have to do is leave a link through to the one you want to win, and subscribe.

    It is important to decide which one you want to win, so in your case if you want to win the obnoxious blogger award, you would link through to



    (April 16, 2007 - 12:03 pm)

    OMG Lilian, I just HATE Perez!! Even more reason to vote for you all the WAY!!

    People, don’t let PEREZ win! He SUX!

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