Here’s the sneak peek…

The last number is the RealRank while the several digits are Alexa and the number 2 was the second smack from Google before I got further smacked to PR 0. Previously that blog was PR 4/10 and commanded close to 2,000 unique hits daily, mostly from organic traffic as it pwns in a lot of keywords related to food, both Western and Asian.

The lowest number I have is 53 for my Best Recipe which has never taken a single opp from PPP but was smacked nevertheless because I have PPP direct badge. *bawls*


The highest number is my Christian-Journey which is 2809. Meanwhile, my other food blog which is more for paid posts rank 181.

Therefore, conclusion is to aim for a lower number. But not zero, ok? This blog is zero because I don’t have the code installed anymore.

So…what’s your number? Brag time…

And the thread on the forum is found here.

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