(Pink Christmas baubles for our tree this year.)

Christmas is coming soon and it is good to reflect back what blogging has brought me. Or rather what blogging has bought for me. I am not going to talk about the friends and foes I made or knowledge I gain. I am just going to blog about the stuffs I bought. After all this blog is about making money and spending it.


The latest addition is the Sony Ericsson P1i I bought for myself today. I waited this long for the P1i because I was unsure if I want the Sony Ericsson K850i (which was made available in our country today) or this Sony Ericsson P!i. After looking at the K850i, I decided on a more ‘grown up’ phone for myself. RM2,088. The K850i is RM2,000.


Earlier this year, I got myself the Sony Vaio and I still love this laptop to bits. It has such a nice keyboard. But I hate the Vista.


And of course, I bought the iMac three weeks ago.

I also applied for unlimited Celcom broadband and now, I can blog from anywhere with my SE P1i! LOL, this is serious shits. And I am lovin’ it.

Should I also mention that I also bought a Nikon D40 with two damn expensive lenses (the lenses are more expensive than the camera) in June 2007?

If I couldn’t make that amount, I wouldn’t have the heart to spend all those money on myself. Even though it is from hubby’s pocket, I will probably feel bad about spending money like that.

So, yes, I am going to have a merry Christmas because I have capped off the year with these gadgets and stuffs that I wouldn’t have been able to afford if I am not blogging for money. However, those stuffs I bought are part of the gadgets I need for blogging so it is a worthy investment, isn’t it?

What has blogging bought you?

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