Weekends are made for fun


The nicest thing about working from home is the flexibility. There are no weekends and weekdays because evey day is a holiday if you work from home and making money blogging. If I am holed up in the office in a regular nine to five job, I will probably have to make do with weekends. But as a blogger, I can go out anytime, anywhere.

The above is a photo of my shoe to show how tiny the walk way on the hanging bridge is. I went up to the hills and since we have the rainforests here, it means lot of of chances to walk on trees. Over here, we have several hanging bridges which are planks, ropes and nettings tied to giant rainforest trees. These are very, very high trees which are normally several storeys high. If you are going for jungle trekking, do wear the appropriate shoes because the muddy grounds are very slippery after rain. I only have athletic shoes and these are fine for walking.

hanging bridge

To regular folks, it is just a walk in the hills. To a blogger, it is a walk in the hills and a chance to produce several interesting blog posts. In fact, when I was up there, I still have access to my unlimited wi-fi and I blogged from my phone. Such is the wonderful benefits of being a blogger who makes money online.

penang hill

It is good for us to go out, take a hike in the hills, a run in the park or even fishing in the seas or lakes because these moments usually gives us a lot of ideas and inspirations. If you are a blogger with multiple interests, these are wonderful, bloggable materials moments. I can churn out blog posts about foods, taking photos and even my personal ramblings. I can write about how great Adidas shoes feel on the feet after a day of walking in the forest to where to find discount athletic shoes.

So, don’t forget to get yourself in gear for the wilderness and grab some bloggable materials. Of course, if you are a serious bloggers like me, you should have a PDA or smartphone that enables you to blog and check on your blogs from every corner of the world.

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1 thought on “Weekends are made for fun

    Jon Muranko

    (March 30, 2008 - 1:00 pm)

    Looks like u like trekking and exploring hilly areas very much.Yes after whole weeks working so hard its must we have a good weekend to refresh yourself.

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