Wednesday : Featured blog

Long ago, I used to dedicate a day in each week to feature someone’s blog. It will help to expand readership and who knows, friends are made through the intro. I think I am going to declare Wednesday as a day to feature a blog.

Let’s start with some Internet. Serious Business. JimiMorrison is from the States and a fellow postie. It is good to hang out on forums with a wide spectrum of professionals because we can learn and exchange notes. If you are into serious blogging and wants to make some money from the internet, you need to socialise. Jimi has given us some very helpful tips and links to share.

He is quite the evil guy because he thinks playing the grammar police on forum boards to set the flame is fun. Well, I love flames but I hate it when it is on my own forum and I am responsible for keeping peace. However, if it is elsewhere, I say, bring it on! I secretly wish Jimi can join my breastfeeding forum and nuke out some of the things I dare not voice out. Hehehe, it is hard for me to administer an all-women, over protective mothers forum, you know? Once, I banned one member because she was ignoring my gentle nudge to stop posting LOL all over the thread and stop making everyone hating their own mother-in-law. Now, I know what sort of names to call these people who loves to LOL on every thread just to let people know that they exist. Jimi call it The Post Whore.

Go on, learn some tricks and tips on how to deal with idiots online. Jimi will teach you Plus a host of other money making tips.

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