Wah piang – blogging marathon

I thought of not getting crazy over it. But my kids have all gone to take a nap and leave the house all quiet and empty.

So, let’s take the bull by the horn and go into a blogging marathon. It is not easy, you know? I had long wanted to take part in those blogging marathon that raise money for charity call the Blogathon. But I never do it because my life is not dictated by me. Single people can have the luxury of sitting down on a stretch and do it. People like me have a thousand and one duties to attend to. Like, ‘Mom….I need to go to the toilet.’ or “Mom….I need a bed time story.”

Since today I have the luxury of time, I am going to sit here and complete 24 posts in one sitting. I had done only 7+7 and my brains are fried already. I do not compromise on quality and will never cheat with my posts. Everything are freshly squeezed out of my brain, fresh juices and all.

Right now, I have a little paper to tick what has been achieved and how many more I have to go.

I think at the end of the day, it is satisfying to know that I had done something I don’t normally do. Marathon blogging!

Post Author: lilian