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There are many sites out there promising people to make money. Some of them are so convincing, many would jump in and grab the chance.

Well, if the amount is not great, there is always the thrill of finding out for ourselves if something works. I admit that most times, I really do believe what was written. How To Turn Sites Into Money is one of such site where they promise to help you to make money within the next two hours.

They have can generate your own autopilot money making websites within hours after watching their video. Well, do you believe? You can find out more about how it works on their site. In the video, they teach you how to get your site indexed on Google and other search engines, how to find a niche topic and many other tips. There are 10 parts in the video and for the price they are offering right now, it does seem attractive.

But ultimately, do we gobbled up everything or do we explore and judge for ourselves? Of course, we have to weigh the methods, think and explore, research and read more before we believe everything. Because not everything we see is true. So, is this video workable? Well, I can’t promise you but if you have USD40+ to spare, check it out and tell me. I would love to grab the offer too, if someone does it.

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    (March 28, 2007 - 10:01 am)

    a speaker for those make money thingies once said: if yr paying usd15 for an ebook, do not expect to get a million dollars’ worth of info.

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