I was just about to rant on today extremely slow internet connection from who else but our very own Streamyx TMNet Telekom Malaysia broadband when I found someone left a long comment here :

4mbp is just something you should not trust from streamyx ! simple, 3 reason. ( speed is on BEST EFFORT ) as written by streamyx, so where is the so call EFFORT, when we are receiving so much compliant and there is no effort made to correct them !! second, malaysian international internet gateway is only a few gigabytes, if i not mistaken is 150gb/s which streamyx is holding roughly 80~100gb/s and the rest is by other ISP like jaring or so ! Ya, 100gb/s is a huge speed, but imagine there is almost half a million user of streamyx. If you do your math properly, you can see how the speed is distributed among the users which is pretty limited. 1mbps you can roughly get 100kb/s download speed but with 4mbps is only around 300kp/s that also is on a very very good day !!! Third, well the best reason of all, tmnet exchange point is a huge mesh, port is may not available but is shared ( here is the example, like when you disconnected, you will have a hard time connecting back to the exchange point until some unlucky fellow disconnected and you take over his port )so it more like taking over someone else internet connection and use them, that the reason why u hard to connect during peak hour as all port is used up. How i know, study IT and you will know, me i download at 350kp/s, not streamyx but campus computer ( i know it illegal for students to use campus internet to download files, but be smart and use portable downloader which you don’t have to install in the pc, that way you will not be detected by the campus server and you can change pc easily use only your thumb drive ) :)

Thanks to rapeace. TMNet totally sucks. Forget about their huge promo, their staffs know nuts. I applied for the 4mbps Streamyx broadband in April. After putting me through all the horrors of no internet connection for several days to change port, I still haven’t been upgraded from 1mpbs to 4mpbs. Different technical staffs say different thing. One said my house is too far away. Another said, my house is just next to their wateva-server. Bah, pergi mampus lah, Streamyx!

For the whole of today, I can hardly get anything done because of the speed. I hate it when I am itching to touch something on my server and yet, dare not because uploading files midway and getting cut off could potentially cause my sites to die.

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