I couldn’t be bothered to call TMNet or find out why my Streamyx broadband keeps getting cut off. It is a complete waste of time. When I read that our Penang Chief Minister promises us island wide free broadband, I only wish to tell him to just keep it to himself. Right now, I am paying RM88 and I get connection that sucks. What more free wi-fi? Don’t try to be too ambitious, Mr. C.M. I am not impressed. We are limited by the overall capacity, ok? I know ‘cos I used to work in a cable manufacturing company and my hubby worked with Marconi/Ericsson dealing with installation of those fibre optics lines.


The Streamyx line has been so slow or getting cut off so often today. Lucky I still have another Celcom Unlimited Broadband line. I pay RM68 for this and I must say it has keep me very much occupied because I can surf from anywhere with my Sony Ericsson P1i. The speed is nothing to shout about but at least I get connected all the time.

Blek, I hate it when our broadband is slow like turtle or all the pages load only half a page. Hear another Penangite rants about it on chunglingstudent.com.

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