When I started earning Google Adsense, the exchange rate between US dolllar and Malaysian Ringgit was :

USD1 = MYR 3.8

So, when I get USD100 Adsense cheque, I am earning RM380.

I easily touch four digit, i.e. RM1,000 if I can make USD265.


I get only about RM3.19 for every USD. I still haven’t cash the last payment from Adsense from Western Union. Another one is due any day now. It is not because of the exchange rate but we were too busy to get to the bank. And the rate is dropping and dropping.

The last cash out I got from PayPal through Al Rajhi bank was only 3.19.

Gee…I miss the time when the rate was pegged at 3.80.

I was chatting with hubby (who is an accountant by profession) and he mentioned to me about the US economy and how their taxpayers are given a tax break (or is it being paid back?) so that they will spend more money to boost their country’s economy. Well, I do not know how to put these into sentences as I have no brains for economy, mathematics and stuffs like that.

So, let me paste this little piece from Bloomberg :

U.S. Economic Stimulus Won’t Prevent Recession, Lehman Says

By Patricia Kuo

Jan. 25 (Bloomberg) — The $150 billion economic stimulus plan sought by the Bush administration isn’t enough to spare the U.S. from a possible recession, according to analysts at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

I hope this will means people has more money to spend, need to buy more and we have more paid posts and advertisements to earn from. And not otherwise.

Blek, just ignore my ramblings. All I want to say is “It is no fun when the exchange rate keeps dropping.” This sucks.

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