I say screw the step-by-step tutorial and just wham, bang, thank you ma’am when I upgrade my WordPress. So far, I have upgraded at least 10 blogs to WordPress 2.5. I just upload the new folders over without deactivating plugin or back-up.

Don’t try it unless you know you have a reliable webmaster to help you out in case you screwed it. Normally, I start with a smallish blog first. I auto backup all my blogs every night and the files are safely stored in some Google Gmail account. So, no worries. If the database is messed up, I can always holler and my webmaster/webhost Bryan will help. I think. Moreover, I use minimal plugins and update them often.

So, it has been a breeze upgrading to the new WordPress 2.5. What I love most about WordPress 2.5 is the auto updating of our WordPress plugins. Woohoo…we no longer need to download the plugin, extract and upload by ftp. Now, it is just one buttong from our WordPress dashboard.


Now, why is it a bitch to upgrade? Because the line is shitty and this morning, when I was in a rush to go to church, the uploading died midway. I have a blog that has gone poof-ed and I need to steal my neighbour’s line to complete it. Bad….

With over 20 WordPress blogs (and maybe even more) which are stored at two different webhosts and four different ftp accounts, it is really tiring to keep up with them. But upgrade I must.

You should upgrade too.

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