Unto the grave your past haunt you

This is freaky. Just last night, I wrote about “Watch your past if you intend to become famous one day” and someone actually died around that hour.

That someone was infamous for building a castle without proper council or authority approvals (as he WAS the council chief). A while back in 2006, I ranted about him. However, I tried to suppress my words and didn’t mention about his death eventhough a few of my blog readers left the news on my blog.

I thought that it is all fine. Let the poor man face his Creator and answer those questions that we have like how could he afford such luxurious castle working as a civil servant and etc. But people start googling his name and they stumbled on my old posts where I ranted about his misdeeds and his belief of Indian fengshui (which is against his Islam faith).

Therefore, we have a real example of ‘unto the grave you go’. The Google god is an unforgiving god with memories that cannot be wiped off. Don’t play-play, ah. Have you Google yourself to check your PR? And I don’t mean PR as in pagerank but PR as in public relations.

Let me go dig and see how many hate sites I have out there in the net. Yeah, I do have a few but prolly they got tired of hating me and left their blogs to die.

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2 thoughts on “Unto the grave your past haunt you


    (March 12, 2008 - 12:38 pm)

    So, er…we just google for our own name to see if somebody mentioned about us? Or..?


    (March 13, 2008 - 1:58 pm)


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