The Save and Publish button is too close together. I have hit on the wrong button. I am sure other bloggers too have hit the publish button when they actually wanted to save a post.


The other is the category part. Normally, I can see it on my left side panel and easily pick a category. Right now, it is way below at the end of the post. that means I need to scroll down to pick the categories and then, scroll up to publish. Usually, I totally forget to categorise my post because I didn’t see the Category.


Yesterday, I also found a bug in one of my blog. I couldn’t edit the timestamp. Normally, when I have paid posts, I need interims. So, yesterday, I wrote a bunch of interims (that is regular post) and when I tried to insert a new post in between, I couldn’t get the Edit timestamp link to work. In the end, I have to copy and paste all the posts into new post. Blek, I do not know why only one blog has that problem while the other blogs on the same server doesn’t.

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