Two of my favourite Adsense Blog templates

Recently, someone offered to make me a nicer template for my blog. I am still contemplating. You see, I once changed my blog templates and my Google Adsense plummeted like the stock market. The income dropped by almost 60 percent! So, I quickly switched back to my old faithfuls.

Therefore, I would like to share two templates that I use for most of my blogs.

My top favourite – Tim Yang’s Problogger Clean which is my current template here. You only need to insert your Adsense publisher code into the little box provided and you are good to go. (if you are using a Malaysian IP, you cannot access his site. Don’t ask why.)

A more ‘girlish, pinkish’ template is from Bryan of Hitech call Adsminded.

I have a similar related post Your blog template seriously affects your Adsense! before but someone asked me about templates through emails and hence, another post to explain.

I have just found another blog template I adore and will experiment with it before I share with you guys. If the Adsense works great, I will tell you, ok?

Post Author: lilian