During one of my zany moments, I bought up all the dots. I have dot com, dot net, dot info, dot biz and dot org. It is one of those crazy ideas that someday, somehow and somewhat, the iconic 5xmom will be world renowned. (yeah…right.……I can hear you readers saying it)

Now, as I am upgrading my WordPress, I found that I have two dots lying around, dormant. I do not know what to do with them so I just leave them as it is and renew them yearly. I can continue dreaming my daydreams…..as long as I have money to renew the domains.

Upgrading WordPress has been my daily routine these few days. I have 4 different servers and if you add one of my church’s site, I have five servers to login to. Sometimes, I upgraded them so fast, I cannot remember which was the last blog I upgraded.

You see, after you have uploaded the new WordPress 2.6 there, you need to log in Admin to click the upgrade button. And if you don’t sometimes, your site is inaccessible and visitors will get an error code.

Then, you may wonder, why five servers? I have three hostings and on my virtual private server, my webhost has separated the blogs into three different packages, with three different cpanel login. This is to avoid a total crash if something bad happen.

So, sigh….nothing constructive from me for the time being because after I upgraded the WordPress, I got to upgrade the plugins. Thank God the plugin is easily upgraded from the admin dashboard or else I will go cuckoo. The other thing I like about WP 2.6 is the ability to delete plugins we no longer use. Such a breeze to delete off those lousy plugins that serve no purposes. I love to try new plugins so I have a lot on my server.

Do you secure your domain names by buying up all your dots? I only do so for one URL because I still cannot get my chanlilian for dot com. The previous owner refuse to give up because my name is HOT! *evades rotten tomatoes*

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